Hey everyone! We are very excited to announce that The Battle Rap Stage is now open!!

The battle rap stage is a Telegram game where you can earn free NFTs. Catch blunts from the crowd to battle hi for a chance to win bronze, silver and gold ropes. Then you could blend these ropes into blinged out & A diamond rope with an original song by 2Mex, Ceschi Ramos & Awol One. Also earn raffle tickets for our monthly drawing.

To get started first you need a Wax Wallet. If you don’t have one here’s 3 options.

Next you need to download the Telegram app.

Make sure you have A @username in telegram settings

Next Join our Main Telegram Room Here

sync your account. /address wallet” (For example, if my address is abcde.wam, I would write /address abcde.wam)

Next You will need a Microphone to Battle at the first stage! All 6 word or more messages have a percent chance at having A microphone dropped in our Main Telegram Room. Or buy one here.

Once you have a mic you can earn Blunts! Which will be your key to the next Battle were you can win one of 3 rope NFT’s!!

Now you should be ready to hit the Rap Battle Stage.

Battle Here