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Hello all we are super excited to announce that we worked with the Atomichub team to create our pre-minted pack and are selling a 5 card pack of NFT’s for $5.99 in Wax, no credit cards.

Each of the 15 artist will have a Common, Uncommon, Animated Sketch and A 1 of 1 concept sketch that has 2Mex talking about the artist on the card to try and collect.

There is also A golden boombox card with an original song by 2Mex, Awol One and Ceschi Ramos. Check what cards your missing with the sets feature here.

To collect this set of NFT’s you will need A wax wallet.

This is just the beginning, We already have some plans for series 2. Thank you all for the support and love everyone has been showing this collection. We are just 3 dudes that love HipHop and really wanted create this collection to show some respect to the people we feel deserve the shine.

Craig (Owner/CEO)

Pack Information

  • $5.99
  • Pack Contains 5 cards
  • 4 x 73% Common | 23% Uncommon | 4% Rare
  • 1 x 60% Uncommon | 40% Rare
  • Bonus Slot: 13% Bonus | 0.3% 1/1 Sketch

The MC’s in Series 1