• New Venue Service 🤯


    Thank you everyone for all the help at the venue Secret Saviours Pavilion

    We’re ranked 5th in daily District Users with 106

    and 5th in daily Jobs Completed with 457

    Thank you 🙏

    With all the extra help now the venue is making 1000 EXP in 2 day when it use to take over 1 week. I really believe now we can unlock the dungeon Portal (Game) & the SHING Chat Miner.

    Thank you once again for all the help, much love

    Also if you are not familiar with the Taco Universe and want to help

    You need to go to this website


    Log-in with your wax wallet

    Search for the venue

    Secret Saviours Pavilion

    Work at that venue that’s it


    New Venue Service 🤯

    The Taco Team has been hinting that something big was coming for Brigade and here it is.

    Venue owners are able to assign daily NFT rewards to their Brigade workers! 🎁

    Brigade workers can also see how many NFTs are daily assigned by Venue owners while changing Venue.

    How to be eligible for the giveaways?

    – 1 work without Equipment = 1 entry

    – 1 work with Equipment = 1 entry + Equipment total Luck value

    This system is not linked to the current pack lottery on Brigade: a single player can win a Brigade lottery pack and a Venue NFT on the same day.

    The Taco Team wanted to give Venues a great opportunity to reward and interact with their communities. NFT can be from any collection on WAX!

  • Sully’s New Single – Anything, Anything

    Yo yo yo, hope all is well.

    We got a new drop by Sully

    Sully’s new single, A cover of the Dramarama classic song – Anything, Anything, Anything.

    It will be on sale Monday at 11 am PST

    from 8/15 – 9/13 (30 Days) for $.99

    Blend 5 of these NFTs to get the full Music Video.

    Song Drop Here

    Music Video Blend

    🎤🎤🎤Message From Sully🎤🎤🎤

    What’s up everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that grabbed the Anyone, Anyone NFT. I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of an 80’s classic. I’ll have something special for those of you that hold both the song & video NFTs in your wallet once the purchase window closes in September. I appreciate you more than words can express. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Secret Saviours added to Dungeon Masters
    Play Here

    Yo everyone!

    Good News! Our Collection has been added to the Wombat Dungeon Master for staking for MP!

    We’ll put up a List with all SSU NFTs and their MP as soon as we get that info.

  • Raffle Tickets
    Have you been collecting ropes from The Battle Rap Stage?
    Now it’s time to
    Blend Blinged & Diamond ropes for the first SSU raffle ticket!

    At the end of the month, there will be a wheelspin, game or other form of giveaway.

    All you need to do is hold the ticket in your wallet and wait for the announcement in the telegram chat or on this website.

    After the raffle you can either blend in the ticket for 5 blunts to battle for more ropes or keep it as a collectible.

    Good luck!

    Get Raffle Tickets from 08/31/22 – 09/30/22

    #1 – Taco Racers Land Deed

    #2 – Dust Enhancer Magic Dust SkunkMonkey

    #3 – 300 Wax Reward

    #4 – 2 Volume One Packs

    #5 – Volume One Pack
  • Happy Rebirth
    Today is Awol One’s Birthday today, send him a happy birthday on twitter

    Also buy his birthday album here

    Also a very limited edition version of the Happy Rebirthday album in NFT form.

    Only 25 copies available for $5, this is a pre-minted drop so good luck to everyone.

  • Beyond The Construct – Sully Album
    Hello everyone, we got a new instrumental album by the and only Pizza Boss Sully. We’re really excited about this album and it’s the first time we’re releasing an album as a pack of cards. It’s A 8 track album with 4 bonus songs.
    Here’s the breakdown,

    -Packs on sale January 27, 1pm EST

    -$5 for a pack of 5 NFTs (Mint on Demand)

    -Your guaranteed 3 common album cards and 1 common bonus song card in a pack. The last slot can drop a common album or a bonus song card. 50% chance at get another pack dropped. (only common cards in packs)

    -Blend 2 of the same Common Cards to get a Rare NFT with the track on it. 6 will be bendable immediately the other 6 will be bendable January 28th 1pm EST

    -Collect all 12 rare and the 12 common NFTs by February 28th to receive a Secret Saviours Card of Sully with a New song.

    -Packs will be on sale till February 28th so no rush to buy unless you want low mints


    Much love everyone, Craig
  • Retro Rebellion
    We’re excited to partner w/ Blockchain Heroes on their massive Retro Rebellion set! Each pack of cards has one or more Unity packs as we join the fight against the Evil Centralizers. An exclusive #NFT from our series can drop! Join discord.gg/herohq @wax_io @bc_heroes