Raffle Tickets

Have you been collecting ropes from The Battle Rap Stage?
Now it’s time to
Blend Blinged & Diamond ropes for the first SSU raffle ticket!

At the end of the month, there will be a wheelspin, game or other form of giveaway.

All you need to do is hold the ticket in your wallet and wait for the announcement in the telegram chat or on this website.

After the raffle you can either blend in the ticket for 5 blunts to battle for more ropes or keep it as a collectible.

Good luck!

Get Raffle Tickets from 08/31/22 – 09/30/22

#1 – Taco Racers Land Deed

#2 – Dust Enhancer Magic Dust SkunkMonkey

#3 – 300 Wax Reward

#4 – 2 Volume One Packs

#5 – Volume One Pack

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