Beyond The Construct – Sully Album

Hello everyone, we got a new instrumental album by the and only Pizza Boss Sully. We’re really excited about this album and it’s the first time we’re releasing an album as a pack of cards. It’s A 8 track album with 4 bonus songs.
Here’s the breakdown,

-Packs on sale January 27, 1pm EST

-$5 for a pack of 5 NFTs (Mint on Demand)

-Your guaranteed 3 common album cards and 1 common bonus song card in a pack. The last slot can drop a common album or a bonus song card. 50% chance at get another pack dropped. (only common cards in packs)

-Blend 2 of the same Common Cards to get a Rare NFT with the track on it. 6 will be bendable immediately the other 6 will be bendable January 28th 1pm EST

-Collect all 12 rare and the 12 common NFTs by February 28th to receive a Secret Saviours Card of Sully with a New song.

-Packs will be on sale till February 28th so no rush to buy unless you want low mints

Much love everyone, Craig

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