Raffle #2

It’s time for Secret Saviours Raffle #2

Blend Blinged & Diamond ropes for SSU raffle ticket!

At the end of the month, there will be a wheelspin, game or other form of giveaway.

Also every Saturday starting on the 8th we will be raffling off a 150 Wax Reward so get your tickets.

All you need to do is hold the ticket in your wallet and wait for the announcement in the telegram chat.

Good luck!

Get Raffle Tickets from 10/1/22 – 10/31/22


#1 – Taco Planet Winter Extractor

#2 – Taco Venue Onion Truck | lv. 10

#3 – Taco Equipment Platinum Tas De Vin

#4 – 2 Volume One Packs

#5 – Volume One Pack

Got Any Raffle Ticket #1 sitting in your wallet? Blend them for a new 2Mex song. Snake Charmer by 2Mex, This NFT is a collaboration with David Morph’s. It comes in 4 different rarities, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond. The bronze NFT has the instrumental on it. The artwork was done by David’s Morphs. David’s Morphs is a reptile and bug breeder. He love snakes the most and he like to make crazy NFTs. Fun interaction centered around reptiles and shilling small personal NFT art projects. More information on Telegram – https://t.me/davidsmorphs1 & Twitter – https://twitter.com/davidsmorphs

Blend Raffle #1 tickets here – https://neftyblocks.com/c/secretsavior/blends/blend.nefty/19176

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