New Venue Service 🤯


Thank you everyone for all the help at the venue Secret Saviours Pavilion

We’re ranked 5th in daily District Users with 106

and 5th in daily Jobs Completed with 457

Thank you 🙏

With all the extra help now the venue is making 1000 EXP in 2 day when it use to take over 1 week. I really believe now we can unlock the dungeon Portal (Game) & the SHING Chat Miner.

Thank you once again for all the help, much love

Also if you are not familiar with the Taco Universe and want to help

You need to go to this website

Log-in with your wax wallet

Search for the venue

Secret Saviours Pavilion

Work at that venue that’s it


New Venue Service 🤯

The Taco Team has been hinting that something big was coming for Brigade and here it is.

Venue owners are able to assign daily NFT rewards to their Brigade workers! 🎁

Brigade workers can also see how many NFTs are daily assigned by Venue owners while changing Venue.

How to be eligible for the giveaways?

– 1 work without Equipment = 1 entry

– 1 work with Equipment = 1 entry + Equipment total Luck value

This system is not linked to the current pack lottery on Brigade: a single player can win a Brigade lottery pack and a Venue NFT on the same day.

The Taco Team wanted to give Venues a great opportunity to reward and interact with their communities. NFT can be from any collection on WAX!

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